“Juggling & Clown”

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“Puppets & Shadows”

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At the heart of Naranjarte’s unparalleled workshops lies a mastery of six distinct juggling disciplines, each a testament to their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Through these juggling forms, Naranjarte showcases a breathtaking display of technical skill and artistic finesse, eaving participants in awe of the possibilities that lie within their own hands.

Naranjarte’s puppetry workshops extend far beyond entertainment, offering participants a unique opportunity to explore the depths of their creativity and imagination. With a stunning array of enchanting puppets as their canvas, ranging from intricate marionettes that seem to possess a life of their own to expressive hand puppets that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, participants are invited to unleash their inner storytellers and puppeteers. These workshops foster teamwork, communication, creativity and innovation as participants collaborate to breathe life into their puppet creations, discovering the limitless potential of artistic expression.

Furthermore, Naranjarte is not only committed to artistic excellence but also to the well-being of our planet. In recognition of the importance of sustainability, our workshops are designed with eco-conscious principles at their core. Ana & Sergio believe that fostering creativity should not come at the expense of our environment, which is why they strive to minimize the ecological footprint at every step. From using responsibly sourced materials for puppetry creations to implementing energy-efficient practices in their productions, they are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on both artistic minds and the world we inhabit.

The power of Naranjarte’s workshops lies in their ability to inspire participants of all ages and backgrounds. The fusion of puppetry, juggling, and illusion ignites innovation and fosters a deep sense of accomplishment as participants master new skills and create captivating narratives.

In a world where artistic exploration is more vital than ever, Naranjarte’s workshops stand as a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when creativity knows no bounds.