Ana & Sergio – Experienced House Sitters

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Mid 30’s couple.

International House Sitters.

Digital nomads. 

Educators & carers, puppeteers & circus artists.

Home and pet lovers.

About us

We are Ana and Sergio, we are the creators of the first and only one House Sitting course in Spanish language.

We are House Sitting lovers and belong to this great community that aims to share and expand this beautiful concept of solidarity towards a better society.

You can read our post about our House Sitting Lifestyle here and you can also see an interview here.

We have experience as house sitters in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand.
We are available to house sit anywhere and are very flexible on location and duration (short or long term) – although we usually prefer long term house sitting and are specially interested in house sit opportunities in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Originally from Spain, Ana is a teacher, apart from a puppeteer. Sergio is a carer, apart from a circus artist. Both are digital nomads with an online business and an educational project.
We are a married couple, 34 and 36, and have our own small apartment in Madrid, now rented. We are non smokers.

In September 2017, we started a project called “Puppetry and Circus: a trip around the world’s schools”.
We are visiting schools to develop our innovative method in teaching by using puppets and circus. So far, we have developed our investigation in Spain, Finland, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Perú, Malaysia, Thailand.

If possible, we try to visit 1 or 2 schools in the area where we are house sitting at that moment to keep summing experiences to our investigation.

We usually have to work indoors in our investigation and also online in our digital business, as we offer online courses too, so we spend lots of time with the pets at home.

Nevertheless, if they are dogs, we are active and love walking them too as much as they need.

House & Pet Sitting in New Zealand: walking Oskar and Bryn, our beloved greyhounds.

We usually need an internet connection, although we are happy to purchase extra SIM data card if we need to, as long as there is good signal in the area.

We both have driving license and we can drive manual and automatic vehicles, with more than 10 years experience.

We would happily put you in contact through email with our referees for further information.

If you want to know more about us, you can also check our social media, where you could deep into what we do and who we are.

If you choose us as your house & pet sitters, you would also support a self funded investigation around the world, about an innovative methodology with puppets and circus!

For more information about us click here.

Why we want to house sit

House sitting is the key for our life style, combining different things we love.
First of all, we absolutely love the company of pets.

We love living in different parts of the world for small periods of time, while we develop our investigation around the world’s schools and try to bring something new and innovative to Global Education.
We truly believe in the values of a community and we believe in the power of communication and its influence in Education.

We love traveling slow in order to deep immerse in the place and local community and take care of the home we are lucky enough to be living in for that time.

House Sitting in AustraliaApart from a digital and online business, we also help ourselves financially by performing in markets and events around the area, which is a great way too to get involved locally.

We need to be home to keep editing videos, writing the project and of course practicing our skills! We do have a routine of morning exercises.

We travel slow and we work on the way, we always need to have some wifi to keep developing our project an digital business.

House sitting is now our Lifestyle and we embrace it as a great opportunity for us personally and professionally.
We also love how house sitting makes the world a better place to live, based on trust and commitment.

Our experience

We absolutely adore pets, and don’t have any preferences for cats, dogs, rabbits or lizards. We love them all!

alojamiento gratuito

House Sitting en Australia

Experience as Pet Sitters

In regards to our abilities as carers before house sitting internationally, Sergio has always have dogs at his parents’ home. Ana has experience with minding fish and rodents.

We haven’t had our own pets together in Spain, because we were living in a small apartment.

Nevertheless, we have experience with minding pets. We did it already several times in Madrid, Spain, with four different breeds (Mastiff, American Staffordshire mini, cross with Yorkshire and Creen Schnauzer, German Shepard) and a cat.

Our experiences as international House Sitters have been with an elderly cat, a bearded dragon, goldfish pond, 2 greyhounds (one of them was seriously ill before our arrival), a very sweet Rotweiller, a joyful german sheppard, a golden retriever, a Mastiff, a pomeranian dog and two mix breeds (8 dogs) and 5 lovely kitties.
In some of our house sits we have also had Airbnb management responsibilities.

We minded those pets in difference circumstances, even being sick and injured (after complex surgeries) and the owners were extremely happy with us (you can check our reviews and external references below).

We have experience in giving medication to dogs, cats and reptiles.

We have also basic knowledge about farm animals and how to feed and mind horses, as we were living with a family of farmers and musicians in South East Australia.

alojamiento gratuito

House Sitting in a farm in Australia

As educators and carers too, we always prioritize the well being of who we are taking care of and we are flexible to adapt ourselves to whatever the situation demands.

Experience and skills as Home Sitters

We are also home lovers and very tidy, respectful and  adaptable people so it is a treat and a joy to take good care of the place too, while we are living there.

It is almost a need to us to feel comfy and organized every day as it is part of our personality and we love keeping the place clean.

As house owners ourselves, we are fully aware of the responsibility it takes to maintain and take care of a home. Security and privacy is of utmost importance to us too.

In regards to our abilities as garden & pool maintenance, we have experience and love gardening and mowing.

Sergio has always had a pool and knows how to clean, test and add chemicals or natural products to maintain the pool.

We also learn quickly and are open to learn new skills that will make us better in our commitments and personally too.

We would easily adapt to different weather conditions and extreme environments as we have also traveled around the world in places like Africa or South America.

References of previous House Sits

We would happily put you in contact through email with our referees for further information.

House Sitting in New Zealand:

1- House & Pet sitting 2 greyhound dogs (one of them was ill):

house sitters

House Sitting in New Zealand for 13 days. Reference.

Reference in personal home owner’s social media

2- House & Pet sitting 2 greyhounds (for 2nd time)

3- House & Pet sitting one dog:

house sitters

House Sitting in New Zealand for 7 weeks. Reference.

House Sitting in Australia:

1- House & Pet sitting a bearded dragon, an elderly cat and a fish pond:

house sitters

House Sitting in Australia for 12 days. Reference.

2-House & Pet sitting two kitties. We had also Airbnb management responsibilities:

house sitters

House Sitting in Australia for 8 weeks. Reference.

house sitters

Reference in personal home owner’s social media

House Sitting in Spain:

1- House & Pet sitting 1 dog:

house sitters

House Sitting in Spain for 10 days. Reference

2- House & Pet sitting a dog (who just had a very serious surgery):

house sitters

House Sitting in Spain for 2 weeks. Reference.

3- House & Pet sitting and elderly cat:

house sitters

House Sitting in Spain for 2 weeks. Reference.

House Sitting in Malaysia

1- House & Pet sitting 1 dog – German Sheppard:

2- House & Pet sitting 1 dog – Rottweiller:

3- House Sitting 2 dogs and 3 cats – Mix breed:

House Sitting in Thailand

1- House & Pet sitting 2 dogs – Golden Retriever & Mix Breed:

1- House & Pet sitting 2 dogs – Pomeranian: