“Ana and Sergio generously came and spent time recently sharing their expertise with a small group of Wellington theatre practitioners at Victoria University. It was wonderful to get an insight into their work and in particular the power and beauty of puppetry. They were articulate and engaging presenters who enlightened and inspired us with their work.”

Kerryn Palmer –  Teacher at the School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


“Naranjarte is superb and unique.  Never before have I met such passionate educators and learners who bring such joy and fun to their audience and students while also teaching so effectively.  I think their methods will prove useful in the transition of how we do education as transformation.  The positive impact they have on the lives of the people they touch is felt after lessons and greatly enrich the experience of intercultural communication, unity in diversity, global community and peace to the people and places they visit.  I hope to get to work with them again.”

Brett Hendricks – Music and permaculture teacher at Green School Bali, Indonesia.


“Thank you so much for bringing the joy and mystery of puppetry to our students. You have truly touched the hearts and souls of many. These precious memories have now been etched in our heart forever. Thank you again for the truly remarkable humans that you are and sharing your passions with us. I am honoured to have met you both. I laughed and cried watching the heartfelt engagement of our beautiful students. Sergio and Ana certainly are unique and gorgeous humans who have bought a special gift to the whole Support Unit.”

Meaghan Goerlach – Head Teacher at the Support Unit and Special Education Teacher at Vincentia High School, NSW, Australia.


“It was a great experience for our students to have participated in the Naranjarte program. They observed, learned, tried, played, had a lot of fun not only learning Spanish but also the art, magic and charm of the puppets, juggling and especially the great human warmth and professionalism of Ana and Sergio. It has been such a good experience recommended for all students and teachers. “

Tomás Renna – Spanish Teacher at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Koutu, Rotorua, New Zealand.


“Naranjarte has participated in several TitiriUVa programs, in their artistic and investigative role. The conferences given by the company have been of great importance to the attendees, all of whom were very satisfied with the activity and took many lessons within themselves. The content of the communications is highly innovative, of great quality and rigor and opens a gap for research in this field in Spain. ”

Dra. Carmen Gómez Redondo – UVA University of Segovia, Spain.



“The course taught by Ana Lorite and Sergio Aguilar has responded fully to the demand of the organizers and also of the students, who have acquired a very effective tool to apply it in teaching. No resources have been spared, there has been a good methodology , the times dedicated to each technique used have been well managed and teamwork has been encouraged; listening and collaboration. Our assessment is very high, that’s why we recommend this course. “Ramón del Valle – Director of Pali

Ramón del Valle – Director of Palike Theater and Organizer of the “The puppet as a pedagogical tool” conference in Ciudad Real, Spain.


“The intensive course with Naranjarte was an unforgettable day in which we learned many possibilities to use different types of puppets. Ana motivated us with inspiration and tricks, how to expand the art of Puppetry not only to the educational field, but to different branches as a cultural, social, even therapeutic tool. It was a very accurate and professional course, full of sincerity, information and practice, and concern for each and every one that attended the workshop. It exceeded my expectations and I ended up really satisfied, full of inspiration, and willing to put into practice ideas that grew thanks to the inspiration and motivation that Ana transmitted to us that day. “

Maria Ruíz Plana – Community arts worker in Scotland.


“Having Naranjarte Company in the Festival is a guarantee of a good show. Since they create from the heart and where the public feels the sensation of theatrical magic at first hand and all this with the tenderness that small companies give.I would highlight the passion they put in their multidisciplinary shows. Perhaps this is their greatest value, to put on stage numbers or scenes where different arts come together at a magnificent level, seducing the audience from the beginning.”

Luis Crespo – Director of the International Puppet Festival of Redondela in Galicia, Spain.


“I think nobody like the children to value the work and the effectiveness of teaching English with puppets, so I talk about the work of Ana Lorite through the mouths of my two children:

” I want Ana to always be my teacher “.

I have never seen children as excited about an activity as when they arrived home after having a class with her. It may seem excessively flattering, but it has made the combination of children-English and puppets have a winning result with the little ones and that learning the language for them is something charged with illusion and fantasy. “

Lola Delgado and her children S. Y M. – Mother of students of the Montserrat FUHEM School in Madrid, Spain.


“I remember when I learned with the English app and while practicing with the diabolo. Also, when I recited the irregular verbs on Sergio’s shoulders; and from when I learned the conditional flying and almost touching the branches of the huge tree that we had over. “

“It is very fun to make shadows with Ana and her friend Rocky. They are the best teachers in the world!”

Iván a Irene – Students of the Montserrat FUHEM School in Madrid, Spain.



“The experience has been incredible. The discovery that puppetry can capture the attention of children so that their learning is fun. Shadow puppetry takes you to experiment, developing imagination and creativity. I would definitely repeat it.”

Ana Belén Abad Gomez – Expert in Creative Theater and Emotional Intelligence in Ciudad Real, Spain.



“The average assessment given by the students on all aspects of the course by Naranjarte was 4.81 out of 5. It has been the best rated course of the entire School. What students have valued especially has been the ability to communicate, the adaptation to the group and the methodology of the teacher, Ana Lorite. They also assessed the materials used with the highest grade. And we can not forget the interest of the contents and their possibilities of application, which obtained an average of 4.9. ”

Guillermo Gil – UNIMA Summer School 2016 in Segovia, Spain.


“I found the course interesting and I liked it a lot. I think the puppet can be used in the classroom as a motivating educational resource through which we can seek the enjoyment of our students and can serve us to work all kinds of content in a playful and very attractive way. Through the course I realized that the use, manipulation and creation of a puppet is an art. You have to work on the movement, the voice, the character, the staging … You have to dedicate time but I think it makes up for it. “

Carmen Gallardo González – Teacher of Early Childhood Education in Seville, Spain.


“Ana and Sergio delighted audiences at the 2018 Dunedin Fringe Festival with street performances and presentations of Naranjarte in our ‘Black Box’ space (the Orange Box in the Black Box). I was impressed by the quality and professionalism of their various acts, which reflected well on the festival and attracted local media coverage. Ana and Sergio were lovely to deal with and I would have no hesitation in supporting them to return to Dunedin to share their gifts with as many people as possible.”

Gareth Mcmillan – Director of the Fringe Festival Dunedin, New Zealand.


“What a nice experience to have had Ana and Sergio in our maori school. They infected us with their joy and gave us beautiful and very valuable experiences to be applied in our day to day teaching of Spanish through puppets and theater.”

Ana María Sierra – Spanish Teacher at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori or Te Koutu in Rotorua, New Zealand.



“We really liked all the information, ideas and suggestions that Ana gave us, which are so practical and necessary. From ideas to produce puppets, such as information on web pages, such as the didactic experiences she shared with us, what she does in the classroom and what can serve as inspiration.”

Estíbaliz Delgado Martín and Juan Vivanco Toribio – Creators and performers of Tamanka Theatre and educators in Segovia, Spain.



“Ana Lorite came to the London School of Puppetry in 2014 to investigate the use of puppetry in language education for children.  She was thorough and produced outstanding work for her MA.

Out of her MA research she produced a lecture for an international group of teachers at the annual APET (the Art of Puppetry in Education  and Therapy) symposium at the LSP in 2015.  Ana Lorite is able to offer creative solutions to language learning and she will always be welcomed as a teacher at LSP. ”

Caroline Astell-Burt, director of the London School of Puppetry, U.K.


“The experience of meeting Ana and Sergio was undoubtedly the best way to start 2019, to feed on their enthusiasm and share that passion for the arts and education.
They encourage us to spread more people to know this beautiful path, we must walk with training and passion and build a society of such a warm color as Naranjarte’s.”
Amos Alberto Ayamamani Zuñiga – Mediator of Reading and Writing at the “Carlitos Oquendo de Amat” Library by Luz Verde and All Ways Travel in Puno, Peru.



“Naranjarte were in Yogyakarta in October 2017 and help me in teaching English for grade 4 for two days. They amazed me with the way they teach using puppets and also some circus actions. Perfect! And so inspiring! The students enjoyed the lessons well. I am so grateful for having such a skillful and kind friends like them.”

Ratna Sari Sindu – English teacher at Tumbuh School, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.