Sanggar: The Dalang’s trip in Bali

Do you want to live a different and transforming trip in Bali?

Dedicate less than 3 minutes to watch this video and check if this experience is for you …


Would you like to live a unique experience in Bali?

Do you want to know the most authentic Bali, developing your creativity to the fullest?

How about discovering the heart of this island in an unforgettable trip?



24 Oct – 4 Nov

Welcome to this unique Premium Experience like you have not seen before.

You can enjoy an artistic immersion retreat in Balinese paradise.

A transformative and different journey that combines: personal development, responsible tourism, solidarity, cultural and artistic immersion.

Exclusive group from 6 to 8 people.

Sanggar is the place where the “dalang”, teacher of the Arts, lives …


  • Enjoy the artistic space in Sanggar Paripurna, “place for the Arts“..
  • Receive Wayang Kulit lessons with your balinese teacher. You could take your shadow puppet with you.
  • Make an artistic learning that will bring to light or boost your creativity to the fullest. No previous experience is necessary.
  • Contribute to the development of artistic expression during your trip.
  • Live with the local communities in a totally respectful way.


  • Meet Bali from the heart of its traditions, in the most local way.
  • Assist to ceremonies and events in this community.
  • Discover innovative projects like Green School Bali.
  • Travel combining responsible tourism and cultural experience.
  • Make an immersion in the artistic community of Sanggar Paripurna.
  • Discover the essence of Bali in an authentic way and away from tourist masses.
  • Live a journey of conviviality and 100% cultural immersion.


  • Relax in this residential Villa where you can enjoy your free time.
  • Savor Bali from its wonderful kitchen.
  • Allow yourself to dream every night in this place of maximum comfort.
  • Imagine that you wake up every morning in this Villa with the sound of birds.
  • Live this immersive experience in the heart of Bali enjoying Asian luxury.
  • Take a dip every morning in this wonderful pool.
  • Feel the rest and beauty from this dream accommodation.


Bali turismo

  • Bali Agung, espectacular show by I Made Sidia (Indonesia) and Peter Wilson (Australia).
  • Entry included in your expedition.
  • Live a unique experience getting to know more than 150 artists.
  • Get inspired with this explosion of artistic creation.
  • Discover the rituals and offerings behind the scenes.
  • Enjoy Bali Safari & Marine Park, in Gianyar.
  • Enjoy a show where contemporary and traditional go hand in hand.


    • Live a unique experience that will change the way you travel and see the world.
    • Visit some of the wonders and unforgettable places that Bali can offer you while you share a trip with other people with your same concerns.
    • Throw yourself into a transformative journey in total connection with yourself and the environment.
    • Travel different combining adventure, learning and comfort.
    • Meet the non-touristy and more authentic side of the island of Bali.


¿Who are we? 


We are Ana and Sergio, puppetry-circus artists, educators and digital nomads.

Since September 2017, we have traveled the world with our innovative teaching method and educational project “Puppetry and Circus: a trip around the world’s schools“.

We have performed our show “The orange Box”, more than 150 times in our world tour.

We go to puppet festivals and schools, we interview artists and innovative teachers from all over the world.

We offer teacher training courses and conferences about our educational research and nomadic life.

We live around the world while House Sitting and enjoying artistic residences.

¿Why traveling with us?


We believe in the power of travel for personal development and in artistic immersions for the development of creativity.

We think that we are all creative and we just have to provide the place, the time and the moment for these skills to come to light.

In our first tour around the world for 17 months we made different exchanges and artistic residencies, we interviewed more than 35 puppeteer artists and we lived with different cultures from the 4 continents.

We are offering you a unique experience of cultural and artistic immersion with local communities.

It will also be a transformative journey that makes you connect with yourself and gives you a new vision of the world.

We have spent 542€ per person per month (including flights and daily expenses), for 17 months around the world. We know the best tricks of Travel Hacking and will help you to find the best flight.

We are the creators of the Travel Hacking Course:  “Alojamiento gratuito por el mundo: House Sitting”

If you come to Bali with us you will know the interior of this island from its most local side, away from the “tourists” and having the opportunity to attend ceremonies and events as one of the community.

We think that beyond landscapes and monuments, the essence of a place is characterized by its people, customs and traditions.

This Premium Experience can not be offered by any tourist agency, because we know from inside this part of Bali.

We have dedicated more than 10 years to offer training courses, we have assisted to several international artistic residencies and we know how to discern among the best opportunities.

You have seen us in:


Unique experience in an exclusive group:


Each person has different expectations and needs.

We want to be sure that each and every one of the people who are going to join the adventure share our travel philosophy and the values that will guide this expedition of 100% cultural immersion.

We choose a reduced group of 6 to 8 people. This is very important to have the certainty that we all will enjoy the trip and it will be a truly enriching experience for each person.


¿What others say about us?


“Naranjarte is superb and unique. Never before have I met such passionate educators and learners who bring such joy and fun to their audience and students while also teaching so effectively. I think their methods will prove useful in the transition of how we do education as transformation. The positive impact they have on the lives of the people they touch is felt after lessons and greatly enrich the experience of intercultural communication, unity in diversity, global community and peace to the people and places they visit. I hope to get to work with them again.”

Brett Hendricks – Music and permaculture teacher at Green School Bali, Indonesia.


“Ana and Sergio discovered us a unique Bali. Their advice on Indonesia was decisive in defining our journey. Thanks to their contacts on the island we were able to live a unique and unforgettable experience, being in contact with the local community and learning everything about the richness of Balinese culture. We will undoubtedly count on them in future expeditions to continue enjoying authentic and different trips.”

Mónica & Mauro – teachers and travelers, Spain.


If you want to know more, visit our Testimonies page.





  • Accommodation in a single room in Villa Paripurna. Breakfast x 11, lunch and dinner x 8 days.
  • Bali Agung show, in Bali Safari & Marina Park.
  • 2 days of excursion with private transport.
  • Transfers from the airport.
  • Wayan Kulit Lessons with master “dalang” for 3 people (including materials).
  • Morning classes of Fitness and Wellness with Sergio.
  • Contact Juggling lessons.
  • Puppetry lessons with Ana.
  • Assistance to company trials.
  • Entrance and tour to the Green School Bali.
  • Access to a private group from the formation of the minimum group, where we will be in constant contact so that you have direct support at all times.
  • Skype group session to meet the rest of the travelers, prepare the trip and start exchanging opinions, concerns and doubts.
  • Advice for the preparation of the trip (flights, insurance, luggage, visa, vaccines …). We are the creators of a Flight Hacking course and we have been training in Travel Hacking techniques for more than 3 years. You will have our training and you will get the best price for this and other flights. We have taken our first world tour for € 1,880 p / person on 14 flights, which means that we spend € 134 on average for flights on 4 continents.
  • Planning of the program and management of all the logistics. Our accompaniment during the 12 days.
  • 10% destined to the Sanggar Paripurna Arts community.


  • 2 Dinners.
  • Motorcycle rental for walks in the area.
  • Travel insurance.
  • International flight to Bali. Variable price depending on the month of the trip, the city of origin and the time of purchase.

How much will cost me to live this experience?


USD 1.733 p / person.

Offer until June 15th. The price will rise to

USD 2.243 p / person.


Are you interested in joining the next Premium Experience

(24 Oct – 4 Nov 2019)

in Bali?

Fill in the following form if you are interested and we will contact you as soon as possible.





On your own you will not be able to carry out the cultural and artistic immersion that we propose to you. In addition, the opportunity to learn first-hand the work of Sanggar Paripurna and other projects of innovation and propulsion of the Balinese culture, that we will share with you, would take you a lot of time of management and contacts prior to the trip.


We cannot assure you when we will offer a trip like this again. We believe that it is the best time to develop this cultural immersion trip, escaping from the masses of tourism and high prices, as well as the sum of traditional events and ceremonies to be discovered from the most local side. At the moment, the only open registration is October.



If you consult the prices of the traditional travel circuits through Indonesia, you will see that the prices are higher. If you consult prices of artistic or spiritual retreats the same thing will happen to you. This trip has an extra component to know the heart of Bali and that has an incalculable value: the cultural and artistic immersion receiving lessons with private masters in the art of Balinese puppets, our own classes and our accompaniment at all times.

It is not a trip to Bali, it is a unique experience.

To carry out the expedition we will need a minimum team of 6 and a maximum of 8.

We propose a unique and exclusive experience and we bet on a very small group of people motivated to live a different trip. Do not worry, if you join and make your reservation and we have to cancel the expedition, we will refund the full amount of the registration.


Once the minimum group is confirmed (6 people) you can buy the flight. Do not worry, we will hold periodic meetings with the team members to solve all this type of doubts and guide you in the purchase process so that you get the best price.


It is not necessary to know Indonesian, but if you can defend yourself at a basic level of English, much better. Anyway we will be a team of Spanish and English speakers and we will help ourselves on this and other issues.


Volunteering is not the only way to collaborate. On this trip, we will help in 3 ways:

  • Staying at Villa Paripurna, managed by I Made Sidia and Peter Wilson, which serves to make the cultural and artistic projects of Sanggar Paripurna sustainable.
  • Assigning 10% of the price of your registration to the training activity in Sanggar Paripurna.
  • Becoming an “awareness agent” when you return home: you will be the best speaker of the realities you have known.


After completing the form, we will contact you, according to the means agreed, to guide you through the process of payment for your reservation and the rest of the questions that you would like to ask to us. In this way, you will be sure that we want to offer you a more personal and individualized treatment from the beginning.

Fill in the following form if you are interested and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can make your reservation until next June 30th. We need to close the groups as soon as possible to ensure that you can buy the flights at a good price and be able to make a good preparation of the trip. Fill in the form, we will tell you everything you need to know to take the step.

We are eager to undertake this adventure and to share this little piece of Indonesia with other people who want to experience this growth and learning experience while we discover the hidden treasures of Bali.

Would you like to be one of them?



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